My dear parents, teachers, students and well-wishers

It brings me immense joy and happiness to be a part of this great mission of educating and upbringing our little ones as true and responsible citizens of our great nation. As we all know wellthat the focus of the world is now towards the hub of knowledge so much so the possession of this a web space highlights our quest to grow from better to the best in pursuit of knowledge. Let this site help teachers, students and parents to track the happenings of the School. We live in an era of profound scientific explosions where in people are inter-connected and net-worked. As we juggle the world in the fingertips today, we find ourselves in a cyber-era which connects us through 5G, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi technologies. The fact that we possess this web space highlights to the reality of the standard and growth of our institution. As pope Benedict XVI, notes surely media is a mixed blessing and it can develop a world consensus or culture. Let this initiative lead to a new culture focused on the central teaching of Jesus, loving, fostering and educating humanity.

As a catholic school, we promote Christian values which gives an excellent foundation for later life. We care about each individual child and work hard to meet everyone’s needs. We listen carefully and are committed to helping and supporting children and people around us who may need us in times of difficulty. We learn how to support our local and wider community and are aware of other’s needs.

Fr. Sajeesh Mathew

To materialise this purpose we have a fantastic team of staff who are well trained, qualified, respected and valued. They are committed and dedicated to their work and provide an extra support to every pupil’s needs, when required and we are happy that we can all work together to provide a stable environment for pupils in our school. I feel privileged and enthused to work in such a joyful, caring and supportive school atmosphere and I am committed to ensure that these values continue throughout the future. Once again invoking God’s choicest blessing on all of you, and assuring you of the best possible support.