My dear Parents, Teachers, Students and well-wishers of St. Joseph Public School, Narasimharajapura. It brings me immense sense of joy and happiness to share with you my thoughts and concerns about St. Joseph Public school which is one of the first ventures of our Diocese. I certainly dream and wish that this school may be a place where we promote joy of learning, thirst for knowledge, love for music, literature, arts and culture. Let us work together to develop sporting and artistic talents, high self-esteem and confidence, respect and a caring and thoughtful attitude towards everyone, an understanding of other cultures and valuing diversity. Most of all, our priority is to prepare all children for life’s experiences and for their future. Let us support each and every child to reach their potential academically and help them make progress as to imbibe a value oriented and balanced education.

I am always impressed by the dedication of teachers and the longing of parents who desire the very best for their children. Every child matters because every child is special with their unique capacities and potential. Moreoverthey are special to all of us and to this school too in a very special way particularly because of what we believe about the value God places on every child.

Jesus’ friends were arguing one day about who was the greatest in God’s kingdom. Jesus took a small child, stood him or her amongst the group and told all the adults that unless they became like this child they could never enter God’s kingdom.I often wonder just how very special that child felt that day. We want that sense of being loved, accepted and valued to be at the very heart of our school.

Mar Joseph Arumachadath
Bishop of Bhadravathi Diocese

Education matters because it provides building blocks for life so much so we seek to offer the very best education we can in every school. This is not just about the important matters of reading, writing, or learning skills. It is also about the values by which we behave, and the kind of people we want to be and I am sure that such kind of an ambient is being provided at St. Joseph Public School as I see them enthusiastic, welcoming, and brilliant and with inspiring zeal for learning.

As the Second Vatican Council’s declaration on Christian Education states: ‘Education is, in a very special way, the concern of the Church, not only because the Church must be recognised as a human society capable of imparting education, but especially it has the duty of proclaiming the way of salvation to all men, revealing the life of Christ to those who believe, and of assisting them with unremitting care so that they may be able to attain to the fullness of that life.’ [GravissimumEducationis #3]

I certainly believe that both the academic progress and behaviour formation are equally important for a student to reach their full potential. Therefore, I welcome you all to this Catholic Education Institution and pray that it will be an aid to all, so that we may continue learning with true faith and right vision. May God bless you all.